Veggies, every day of the week


Tara Junker – Veggies, every day of the week

Recipes & photography: Tara Junker
Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo
Editing: Elina Lähteenmäki

Language: English (Suomenkielinen versio täällä)


Prepare tasty, healthy meals using seasonal Scandinavian vegetables. This book will teach and inspire you to cook delicious meals with minimal hassle even on the busiest days of the week, reminding that you can devote more time when you have the chance. Whatever the case, cooking should be joyful! 

With a focus on vegetables, Veggies, every day of the week opens with quick and easy recipes for weekdays. Trendy, delicious appetizers will encourage you to invite guests over even in the middle of the week. Weekends are about stews simmering for longer, kneading your own pasta dough and inviting friends and family over to join in the fun.

Tara Junker is a food scientist and recipe creator with a passion for all things culinary. Following the success of her previous two books published in Finnish, Veggies, every day of the week is about sharing her food love for the first time also in English. 

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